In the interest of creating the safest and most comfortable environment for fans to enjoy the event experience, Dominion Raceway & Entertainment provides the following policy guidelines:

Coolers – Tailgating in designated parking areas is permitted.  Fans are not allowed to bring coolers in to the Dominion Raceway event areas at any time.  Full food and beverage service is available on-site during all schedule events.

Drones – Dominion Raceway & Entertainment strictly prohibits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as drones, for any purpose whatsoever unless authorized in writing from the Safety Director of Dominion Raceway & Entertainment. A UAV, means any aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Dominion Raceway personnel may remove anyone using an UAV at the Dominion Raceway facility and confiscate the UAV until the conclusion of the event.

Backpacks – Fans may carry (1) One lightweight backpack no more than 17-inches in length to carry personal items such as binoculars, scanners, headsets, cameras and purchased souvenirs.

Alcohol –Fans are not allowed to bring alcohol into the Dominion Raceway event areas at any time.  Alcoholic beverage are available at on-site concessions areas during all schedule events.  Drivers and crew may not use alcohol while racing.  Alcohol is not allowed in restricted areas during event.  “The possession, consumption or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol is expressly forbidden on the grounds of Dominion Raceway.  If you are tailgating at an event here you may bring in legal alcohol as well as food for your use but you may not sell it or bring it in the building or pit areas.  You agree that you are responsible for distribution of such items including fitness or use and agree to indemnify Dominion Raceway and its affiliates against any claim related there to.”

Food and beverage – Tailgating in designated parking areas is permitted.  Fans are not allowed to bring food and beverage into the Dominion Raceway event areas at any time.  Full food and beverage service is available on-site during all schedule events.

Handicapped parking – Available for cars with recognized permits properly displayed on a space available basis. See facility layout for locations.

Pets – Bringing of pets to the facility is discouraged.  All pets must be leashed and under strict control by their owners at all times.  Pet owner must accept full responsibility for any pets brought to the facility.  Dominion Raceway reserves the right in its sole discretion to deny access to any pet at any time.  No pets shall be brought into any building and/or grandstand areas except for service animals assisting the disabled – no exceptions.  Pet owners must clean up after their pets.

Weapons/Firearms – No weapons of any type, including firearms, knives, etc. are allowed at Dominion Raceway, regardless of permit.

Canopies – Allowed only in approved areas.

Fireworks – No fireworks of any kind are permitted.

Re-entry after exit – Reentry allowed on a per event basis.

Restricted area access – Must have proper credential or armband to access restricted areas, including racetrack, pit area and any marked areas.

Tower access – Only those with Tower Access credentials are permitted.

Speed limits – Speed limit on Dominion Raceway grounds is 15 mph on all access roads, pit roads, etc. unless otherwise posted.

Grandstands – Fans are asked to be considerate of other guests by keeping aisles and walkways passable and sightlines clear.

Refunds – On most events, if canceled prior to feature race, keep wristband for later use.  Check web site listing for event for specific details.  Must use rainout wristband with 30 days of rain out event.

Cameras/Photography – Handheld cameras and personal use video cameras are permitted. No commercial reproduction of video footage is allowed without written permission of the raceway and applicable sanctioning body officials.

Smoking – No smoking permitted in grandstands, suites, restrooms, terrace, tower or other building areas. Smoking is allowed in open concourse areas that are not posted as non-smoking areas.

Disposal of waste fluids – Waste fluids, including engine oil, fuel and other hazardous fluids must be disposed of in marked waste containers.

Right of way – Towed race vehicles and trailers have the right of way on all raceway access roads.

Children – Children are always welcome at Dominion Raceway.  It is the responsibility of the parents to see that the children are safe and cared for.  Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Fences – No climbing on or hanging of unapproved signs on raceway fences.

Photography/Video Rights – Please Note: You agree that while on Dominion Raceway property, we may use your image or likeness in any photography and/or video that we capture while you are visiting our facility, and or those specifically authorized by us to conduct photography at the facility. You agree that your image or likeness may be reproduced by us in any advertising, website, promotional piece or video that we create whether for use at the facility or for use in any advertising, broadcasting or media outlets we choose. You agree that our captured image of you is freely given while at our facility and that you will not attempt to restrict our use of your likeness/image or seek compensation for same.

Prohibited Items
To ensure that all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit to Dominion Raceway & Entertainment, the following items will not be permitted inside the gates:

  • Glass containers
  • Beach balls and helium balloons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Roller blades, skateboards, and hoverboards
  • Scaffolds or platforms

Prohibited items may not be left at the gate area. Any unattended items left in the gate area will be disposed of by Dominion Raceway within 24 hours of the event conclusion.

Prohibited Activities
Please note that the following activities are not permitted on Dominion raceway grounds:

  • Solicitation for donations
  • Selling or buying tickets
  • Unapproved selling of merchandise or services
  • Unapproved distribution of any item
  • Unapproved entertaining

Dominion Raceway & Entertainment is a private facility and admission is permitted only with Dominion Raceway’s consent. General public access is restricted at all times. Dominion Raceway reserves the right to ask any person(s) that cannot honor these policies to please excuse themselves from Dominion Raceway property. Dominion Raceway policies are subject to change without notice.